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WebScope 2 is now available!

  • Always private. Only people you invite can see your video.
  • Works with any webcam, camcoder, wireless or security camera.
  • Works with any high-speed Internet.
  • No long term contracts.
  • No setup fees.

I am a parent, how do I sign up?

If your daycare provider already offers WebScope live video, they will grant you access the moment you sign up with them.
You will have everything ready before you leave your child at the daycare for the first time.
Your care provider will ask for your email address, login to his/her account on and send you an invitation.
You will receive an email from with a temporary password.
To watch your kids, login to click WebScope Camera Viewer, click View.

If your daycare provider is unaware of WebScope live video service, please refer them to
To help start the conversation you may want to print this poster and bring it to your care provider.
Most childcare providers are happy to accommodate parent's requests for live video,
and see it as a modern-day extension to an open door policy they already have.
Care providers also recognize live video as a strong competitive advantage.
We will be happy to talk to your childcare provider, simply email their contact info to us at

See for details.
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